BOY OF STRAW (written & directed by award winning filmmaker Chigozie Onyeaka) tells the story of Theodore (Micah Bijon). After a drug incident that occurred at his and his college mates off-campus housing, Theodore must rely on his friend, Ricky, to clear his name.

Based on a true story.

Director / Writer

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Director / Director of Photography / Editor

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TIL WE PART – Short Film

TIL WE PART (written & directed by award winnig filmmaker Chigozie Onyeaka) tells the story of Mary (Nikki G. Hewitt) and Ted (Micah Bijon). After a near tragic accident occurs between them at the beginning of quarantine, their disjointed marriage gets tested, causing them to do things they never thought they were capable of.

Director / Producer / Writer / Editor



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